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Myanmar (once known as Burma) is the largest country (with a total area of 678,500 km²) in mainland Southeast Asia. Located between Bangladesh and Thailand, with China to the north and India to the north-west, Myanmar’s coastline includes both the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. The population of Myanmar is 54,164,262 as of July 1 2014. There are over 100 Ethnic tribes in Myanmar and each group has its own unique traditions, language religion and cuisine.

Royal Myanmar presents freshly made authentic dishes based on the seasons and regions of Myanmar.

The National dish of Myanmar – “Mohinga” rice vermicelli in delicious fish gravy cooked with banana stem, topped with crispy fries, coriander, eggs and lime.

Another dish that is equally famous is the “Ohn No Khaukswe” - wheat noodles served with lightly curried chicken, thickened with chick pea flour and coconut milk, with condiments.

The cooling “Lethoke” – Myanmar salad consists of steam rice, rice noodles, wheat noodles, glass noodles, potato, cucumber, cabbage, tofu, red onions, coriander with a blend of Myanmar spices is a must try.

Victoria Point Noodle Soup aka Mergui Noodle Soup (Kaw Yay Khauk Swe). This is a very popular soup for the people of Myanmar. Rice or wheat noodles are served with lightly thickened chicken and egg-drop soup gravy, strips of chicken, steamed bean sprouts and fresh shallots. Hot chillies, hot shrimp paste and fresh lime juice may be added to give it a "kick"! What makes it a "Mergui" noodle, is the shrimp paste.

Myanmar soups are a healthy alternative to curries and fried foods. They are usually served with vegetables that are steamed or raw over boiled noodles and small amounts of cut-up meats. Soup bases and broths are made of fresh chicken bones and typically not thickened: this creates a light nutritious low-fat, low-salt meal that is tasty and satisfying.

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